About the RevUp Women Champions

The RevUp Champions will stand as official representatives of the RevUp Women Initiatives in their cities, countries, communities and spheres of influence. They are the official ambassadors of the initiative and would seek to ensure that the objective of RevUp which is to curate tailor-made support for women entrepreneurs and businesses across Africa is achieved.


The RevUp Champions will be divided into two major categories

  • Hub Champions
  • Individual Champions


Requirements to be a RevUp Champion


  • Should be Female-led
  • Should have demonstrated experience in supporting women-led businesses with training and funding
  • Should be a stakeholder in the Technology and innovation ecosystem


Other Stakeholders – Investors, Academia, Private funders

  • Should be a female
  • Should have experience in providing entrepreneurial training or serving as a mentor


Responsibilities of RevUp Champions


  • Coordinate and Implement RevUp activities within your country 
  • Work with AfriLabs to secure funding for RevUp cohort in select country
  • Recruit mentors and trainers to engage entrepreneurs
  • Engage investors to provide follow-up funding to the entrepreneurs


Other Stakeholders – Investors, Academia, Private funders

  • Serve as an ambassador of the initiative 
  • Provide entrepreneurship training to entrepreneurs
  • Provide mentorship to entrepreneurs 
  • Provide access to funding to entrepreneurs 



  • Increased visibility and exposure in the ecosystem
  • Expanded network


To be a RevUp Champion, sign up here